Hello! I am Nisa. I am an independent researcher and an educator. I have obtained my education from foreign universities in America, England, and Russia in the field of political science and international relations. Additionally, I have continued with my education in medicine, mathematic, and social science research with many foreign agencies in Europe and America. Now, I am working and teaching oversea from locations in Asia. I have been teaching foreign language lessons and tutoring lessons for math, science, and research since 2011 both in America and abroad.
The education service that I offer includes English language, Spanish language, and Thai language.
Clients and learners can make their appointment and schedules online and offline. I am approachable via social media and in person interview.
The lessons can be paid for after an agreement is made by both sides; instructor and learners.
The independent based learning yields more flexibility and possibility for the learners to achieve their expected goals in each academic program as for the ease of doing business can be obtained.


To buy a course please contact the teacher by pressing the green button "See contact information" below.

Spanish Conversation IS$150

Learners will study authentic Spanish lessons based on everyday life and cultural topics from Spain and Latin America.
The lesson is conducted according to the education framework and language proficiency as described by the Common European Framework for Language of Preference.
Each course of level 1 of Spanish language is designed and outlined for long-term goal and an immediate plan to meet the standard of foreign language learning as to the need of class conduct.
Study hours can be scheduled in advance as according to the time frame and the timeline and by hours as suitable for study preference and availability of the online class.
More flexibility and possibility can be made by both sides in order to maximize the outcome of the learning cooperation.

Course duration: 10 hours
Course price: S$150


Conversation I S$15 per hour

The lesson is conducted with authentic materials from Wikibooks Aprovechalo and Barron's. Practical activities and required tasks will be available from Spanish Learning Lab. Each lesson is well designed and managed to meet the need of learners and class.

Study online Bangkok Thailand Chiang Mai Thailand Marina East Tulsa Oklahoma

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