Liren Neo – Professional Makeup Artist and Professional Consultant

Liren Neo first got her big break more than 10 years ago when she first started working in a Singapore bridal shop. Initially tasked with the sewing, fitting and selecting of dresses, she slowly worked her way up whilst observing and learning from the bridal makeup artist team in the shop.

Thereafter, she left the shop all the while continuously striving to improve her technique and strokes for the next three years before being hired by a very discerning and renowned Taiwanese bridal shop as a wedding makeup artist. It was at this point that she built up her strong reputation and portfolio for outstanding work.

It was then that she gained the confidence to branch out and build her own makeup consultant business. It was from there that Beauty Magic by Liren Neo was created. Since then, Liren Neo has gone from strength to strength and has been voted by cozycot as one of the top 100 inspiring women in 2011 whilst averaging makeup work for more than 400 faces every year.

With such an outstanding portfolio of work, allow Liren the honour of being the makeup artist for whatever momentous event that you have in store. With her repertoire of experience in the makeup industry, rest assured that you will be in safe hands.

In addition to her professional makeup services, Liren is available for makeup courses and consultancy services should the need ever arise.

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