Singapore Badminton School

  • Pasir Ris

Good news! The widely anticipated Yonex Cup carnival 2019 is officially opened for registration starting from 10th August 2019. We welcome all badminton enthusiasts to participate in the tournament and win attractive prizes! Yonex Cup Carnival 2019 tournament committee invites you to join us at the…

Smash Max

  • Pasir Ris

Smashing Max Stringing Kaki Card Enjoy an Special experience with OUR Stringing Kaki Card (One and Only Badminton Shop In Singapore provide this as 12th June 2014 ). -Collect Stamp on each time Stringing -(-$5) on the 5th for ANY string that is valid on shop -FREE on the 10th for ANY string that is…

Wavezlink LLP

  • Pasir Ris

We were established in 2008 with the aim of promoting swimming / badminton as a competitive and leisure sport for neighbourhood children at low cost. It is a priviledge to learn competitive swimming / badminton but not every family can afford it. Thus, our aim is linkup the gap between the private…

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