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Rainbow Galaxy with Princeton Brush & Shinhan Watercolor Kids Activity: Dotting & Easter Egg Activities Spectral Skyline Art with Teranishi Markers Dog Portrait Painting with Pastel Products Hand Lettering using Teranishi Markers by Leah Chong Coliro Pearl Watercolour Swatches: Swatch on White…

As-Souq Arabic Centre Pte Ltd


The Arabic Language: OriginsThe Arabic language is one of the six official languages of the UN and the 5th most spoken language in the world; more than 400 million people speak this language, with at least 300 million being native speakers. Arabic is also the... The 4 Cs of Growing The Love for…

Heartroom Gallery


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The Bustan Khat


Ustaz Mohamad Nasrullah Refa’ie Has a 6 years experience in teaching Arabic Calligraphy (since 2011.) Graduate of the Faculty of Arabic Language… Ustazah A’tii Qah Suhaimi 4 years experience in teaching Arabic Calligraphy (since 2013.) Graduate of the Faculty of Islamic Theology, Major in Beliefs……

Nanyang Calligraphy Centre


Registration is OPEN now. 本课程报名开始。 Contact email 联系邮箱: nycentre@gmail.com Note 注: As the class size is small, please send us an email early to register to avoid disappointment. 由于收生人数不多,有意进修这个课程的人士请尽早发电邮向我们报名。 南洋书法中心 Nanyang Calligraphy Centre 22 Yio Chu Kang Road, #02-15 Highland Centre Singapore…

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