Hana Korean Language Class

  • Ang Mo Kio

We believe that learning Korean effectively is about more than hard work and putting in the hours. That's why we make sure our Korean course materials are ultra-relevant and interesting. Our Korean classes are Singapore's smallest with no more than 6 students! This way, we make sure we can give you…

ONLYOU Korean Language School (Singapore)

  • Ang Mo Kio

A great school where the teachers are truly passionate about their calling ” I have been a student of 박한별 선생님 (Ms Park Hanbyul) for over 3.5 years now, and she is an absolutely fantastic teacher. Her classes are kept small, so as to allow her to pay greater attention to each student’s needs. Her…

ezSAM Language Centre (Korean and Chinese)

  • Ang Mo Kio

Summer is here! Keen in picking up a new language? Starting 3 June, 10 June or 17 June, the intensive course runs from Monday to Friday (5 days x 3hrs). Sign up with us today! Learn Korean in Sogang University and also uncover the hidden gems in South Korea! More details to be shared. Keep a…

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