Swish Swimming was founded on the philosophy that learning to swim is an essential life-saving skill and not something that is only required for those who want to swim competitively.  Learning to swim is about communicating with water – not being fearful of it, but instead using it as the building block for a whole load more of fun times in your life.
Our new dedicated Swim School is set amongst the lush gardens of Dempsey Hill in Singapore. Some of the features include:​Temperature controlled and salt water chlorination - gentle on young sinus and skin
Both pools will cater for babies through to pre-squad level
Dedicated teacher for children with special education needs
Onsite shop - for all the essentials you need / forget .... mermaid fin anyone?
Additional lessons on offer, technical refinement, mermaiding and Helper learn to swim lessons
Did we tell you about the Pavilion - great pool party location or check out our floating cinema!
Surrounded by other enrichment activities for your children
Finally! We also have our own family of hornbill birds just next door!

Our family uses swimming skills all the time! It definitely isn't limited to pool party invitations or swimming competitions in school.  We use it when we go paddleboarding, surfing, body-boarding, water-skiing – the list goes on.  Once you have learnt to swim, a wall of fear is removed from your life and a whole world of aquatic adventure and joy opens up to you.  And only more good times can follow…
Not only are we founded on this philosophy, we choose our staff (happy, fun and energetic people), and design our lessons around it. We truly hope that you choose to be a part of it! 


Swish Swimming is also the soul distributor of the Merfin in Singapore. The merfin is a fun swimming fin for aspiring mermaids and mermen!


We hope you all agree that SWISH Swimming is unique. We aim to give the best instruction to all your children, including the added element of fun and frolics.


The SWISH! Team

72 Loewen Road, #01-08Dempsey HillSingapore248848

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