Just returned from New Orleans for an Orff-Jazz Course by legendary Music Educator Doug Goodkin. Updates coming soon! Some of you all have been asking me “There’s Jazz to watch in Singapore meh?” (Singlish) Here’s a list for your easy viewing pleasure! Will try my best to post up each week. Click on this link to check it out: Singapore Jazz Scene Updates or you can access it via the tab on the top left corner under “Community Music”! These are some photos from the workshop today! I’m so glad to see classical musicians improvising for the first time. They started out nervous but after that felt more confident as we did more trade 4s around the room. I’m also glad that intermediate level improvisers learnt more about the theoretical and historical side of Blues too! I’m thankful for my professors Larry Watson and Julius Williams in educating me about their music through the various African American music classes they had conducted.

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