About myself
I have been teaching piano as a private piano teacher since 2010, worked in my own teacher’s studio suite, teaches in Les Music School while I was in studying in Leicester (UK) and now I am a full-time piano teacher experienced in training students for ABRSM, Trinity Syllabus and LCM syllabus.
Teaching piano has made me a better pianist, musician, a better person and I would say even a better father. What I didn't expect were the great relationships/bonds I developed with my students and also the parents/families.
Proud is an Understatement

I've met countless wonderful parents and students over the years and while I cannot bare the idea of have them leaving me but I believe ALL students will and should eventually outgrow a music teacher and become even better musician should they want to and put in the necessary effort.

For some students/parents, it eventually become more than a student/teacher/parent/ relationship. We became friends and some, even music colleagues. I keep up with some students over social media. Some of them have become doctors, teachers/ bankers/ engineers/ IT experts/ Accountants etc and have grade 7, 8, Diplomas in piano. Every time when I ask them if they still play the piano its always the same reply.

“Yes teacher I still do and I am working on this piece or I would love to but now very life got much busier”

Some students are now furthering their studies in a degree in music. I can hardly put into words the happiness or sense of satisfaction when you see a student you started teaching at 4 or 5 years old or at grade 1 is now pursuing a degree in classical music. It happened because of me, or at the very least partially because of me.

Learning the instrument – Piano
Success Formula based on % effort – Teacher (45%) + Student (45%) + Parents (10%)
One of parents once said about me.
“His passion in teaching manifests in his patience during his lessons, in the relentless attempts in developing the techniques in his students”.
I believe that learning piano at a young age (ages between 4 to 7) is beneficial for children. This allows them to develop valuable piano playing techniques at a young age as well as an appreciation for music and the arts.
I will name a few techniques/habits here which are best to grasp as early as possible.
1) Good sitting posture and hands placements on the piano
2) Effective use/change of the Right Pedal
3) Understanding and usage of chords in easy to intermediate music pieces
4) Exposed to and develop an understanding of the Una Corda (Left Pedal)
5) Practicing with Metronome!
6) Finger independence training
7) With decent finger independence ability, rotation of the wrist – Pronation and supination of the arms for fast running passages
8) Knowledge on the musical periods and on performances criteria
9) Importance of Scales!
10) The list goes on.
For Adults students, I believe that it is never too late to learn Piano/Music but I need commitment from his students in order to achieve greater heights in their music learning journey. Adult students who succeeded under my coaching have showed they have strong desire to improve and learn. A closed friend of mine only started learning piano at age of 20 and she is a diploma holder now at age 30. Its never too late!
Success Formula base on % effort – Teacher (45%) + Student (45%) + Parents (10%)
%, effort base
Trial lesson
You can book a free trial lesson for your child or yourself with me with no obligations to continue lessons. It is simply a way for me to access if I am able to teach a particular student and if that particular student is able to learn with me. I have turned students down before due to various reasons.

Piano Teaching up to ABRSM grade 5 (worked in studio suits) 2010 to 2014
Piano teaching for all grades in Les Music school (United Kingdom) 2014 to 2016
Part time Piano Teacher for all grades, leisure classes 2016 to 2023
Full time private Piano Teacher for all grades, leisure classes 2023 to present

My home studio is based in Biddari – Woodleigh/Potong Pasir area.
• Yamaha U3 Upright Piano silent mode.
• Practice room with a separate piano available for students to practice.
• Conducive studio for learning the instrument as well as Classical Music history/theory books.
• Conducive studio for performance exam recording as well as for online music theory.
• Various Repertoire lists from famous classical music composers such as Bach, Scarlatti, Handel, Mozart, Clementi, Beethoven, Haydn, Brahms Debussy etc.
• Wide range of contemporary pop music scores for both English and Chinese songs.
• Students certificate (ABRSM grade 1 to 8) displayed from 2020 to 2023. I change their certificates every 3 years when ABRSM releases new Syllabus.

Toa Payoh

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