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Skate With Us Coaches are professional or internationally certified coaches from ISAAC (International Inline Skating Accredited Athletes Certification) or ICP (Inline Certification Programme). Passionate, experienced and professional. We are united with a common goal; to share our passion for…

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Coach Rachel who is an ex-national inline skater, also ranked World No. 2 in 2008. She is a dedicated coach for over 10 years coaching basic inline skating skills to competitive level. You can't ask for a better skate coach out there who had successfully converted many new learners or beginners…

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Skating Packages For You! All our students enjoy privileged pricing on all skating equipment and subsequent courses. Singapore Inline is also going the extra mile for Mother Earth by encouraging all our customers to go green and we accept trade-in of skates bought from us All prices quoted here are…

What is inline skating?

Inline skating, also known as rollerblading, is a sport activity that uses skates with wheels arranged in a single line. It's like ice skating, but for pavement! You can enjoy cruising around, racing, or even doing tricks. It's a great exercise and a valuable life skill for both kids and adults.

What do you learn in inline skating lessons?

Inline skating lessons can take you from wobbly beginner to cruising pro. Here's a breakdown of what you can expect to learn at different stages:

- Safety first: Proper fit for your skates, learning how to put them on and take them off safely, falling techniques (yes, you will fall!), and basic protective gear.
- Balance and posture: Finding your center of gravity, standing tall with knees slightly bent, and developing a comfortable skating stance.
- Gliding and stopping movements: How to propel yourself forward in a V-shape, slowing down with a heel brake or T-stop, and coming to a complete stop.
- Basic maneuvering: Practicing how to turn by shifting your weight and using your core.

- Building confidence: Transitioning from grass or soft surfaces to smooth pavement, like cycling paths.
- Strides and control: Developing a powerful and efficient skating stride, refining turning techniques, and learning how to skate backwards.
- Stopping techniques: Mastering the T-stop and learning more advanced stopping methods like the plow stop and the powerslide.
- Obstacles and uneven terrain: Navigating around cracks, bumps, and small inclines.

- Speed and agility: Developing skating drills to improve speed and overall fitness.
- Advanced maneuvers: Learning crossover turns, hockey stops, and how to skate in different styles like slalom or jumping.
- Safe skating in traffic: Understanding road safety rules and how to share the road with pedestrians and vehicles (if applicable on your chosen skating path).
- Fitness and conditioning: Incorporating skating into a broader workout routine.

Do you need to buy skates to take skating lessons?

It's common for inline skating rinks and some coaches to offer rental skates. It's a good idea to check with your coach beforehand to see if they provide rentals or if you'll need to bring your own inline skates.

What safety gear do you need for skating lessons?

Here's the safety gear you should bring for your inline skating lessons:
- Helmet: This is the most crucial piece. Get one certified for inline skating or skateboarding for proper impact protection.
- Wrist guards: These are essential as you'll likely use your hands to catch yourself when falling.
- Elbow pads and knee pads: These will cushion falls and protect your joints.

Some coaches might recommend additional gear like a mouthguard or light gloves, but the core three - helmet, wrist guards, and knee/elbow pads - are the most important.

How much do inline skating lessons cost in Singapore?

Inline skating lessons in Singapore typically range from S$20-30 per lesson for group classes to $200 for private sessions (4 lessons).

The price of an inline skating lesson can vary depending on several factors. Group classes are typically cheaper than private lessons, with individual instruction costing more per student. Lesson time also plays a role, with longer sessions priced higher. Some skate schools offer discounts for multiple participants or for booking a series of lessons. Class schedule and lesson venue can also affect price, with weekend or prime-time classes potentially costing more. Special offers or promotions may be available depending on the skate school.

To save money look for group beginner classes and consider a package deal that offers multiple lessons at a discounted rate. Look for classes at popular skating locations like East Coast Park or Bedok Reservoir.

How to choose a good inline skating coach?

To find a great inline skating coach or a skating school look for:
- Certifications: Look for instructors with certifications from reputable organizations, like ICP (Inline Certification Programme), SRF (Singapore Rollersports Federation), NROC (National Registry of Coaches), Singapore Sports Council, etc.
- Experience: Ideal coaches have experience in your desired skating discipline (e.g., freestyle, racing, aggressive) and a good track record of helping students progress.
- Reviews: Check their reviews and testimonials on SGLessons and other platforms.

Try a trial lesson to gauge their teaching style and see if it clicks with you.

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