JSU (Japan Singapore Universe of Language)

SU (Japan Singapore Universe of Language) provides a unique educational experience for those interested in immersing themselves in another language and culture.
Our experienced instructors are native language specialists covering most Asian dialects that include Chinese, Japanese, Malay,…

The Japanese Association

About The Japanese Association, Singapore
The Japanese Association, Singapore was established in 1915 and re-established in 1957, with a history of over 100 years. Prewar Japanese Association was a gathering place for Japanese who lived in Singapore and took care of member's welfare, their…

NYU Language School

Basic Japanese is a lively and informative introduction to the Japanese language. It is for anyone, regardless of age, who is interested in learning Japanese as a foreign language. Basic Japanese is taught at elementary, intermediate and advanced levels.
The course contains speech and writing…

IKOMA Language School Pte. Ltd.

Our regular Japanese Language course is split into 5 levels:
Basic, Intermediate, Pre-Advanced, Advanced and Further Advanced.
These courses are available as once or twice a week PART-TIME classes
and INTENSIVE Monday to Friday daytime classes.

Oxford Language Academy

At Oxford Language Academy, we offer a variety of Japanese courses that are sure to meet your requirements in learning Japanese. These include part-time group or private conversational Japanese language classes for adults, corporate language training for businesses and corporations as well as…

Bunka Language Pte. School

Our courses our structured such that our students will cultivate an overall skill in the
language when they graduate. Students will be using our textbook Nihongo with Bunka for
the Elementary courses.


Established by Mr Kenji Kitahara in 1983, who graduated from Kita Kyushu University in Japan and mastered Chinese (Mandarin) in the Nanyang University of Singapore, he has been contributing to the society of Singapore for over 30 years by imparting invaluable knowledge of Japanese to countless of…


At inlingua, you can learn a language naturally, with realistic speaking activities and practical expressions you can use immediately.  Our teachers are all trained native speakers, using the best interactive techniques and technology to help you speak from the very first lesson.

Japanese Explorer

Japanese Explorer is a Japanese language school in Singapore that offers quality, affordable, and top-class Japanese language courses which cater to every age, level, or learning preference.
We Offer Language Courses in Singapore With Our School Location in CBD Area
Japan is known for its rich…

Pyaess Language School Pte Ltd

PYAESS  was founded in 1988 by Mr Seiichi Haga.    Mr Haga  came to Singapore for the first time in  1975 in a ship called the “Ship for South East Asia Youth Programme (SSEAYP).    He was then an undergraduate of the Tokyo’s Waseda  University, Economics and Politics Faculty.   He returned to…


Lingo Language School is situated minutes away from Bugis MRT specializing in foreign language instruction. Our well-structured Japanese language program is specifically designed for non-speakers or students with little knowledge of the Japanese language.
Our teachers are native speakers of the…


The written form of the Japanese language is unique and requires some practice. Hence, finding a suitable Japanese Language School that can not only deliver but also monitor your progress is vital in gaining a proficiency in both reading and speaking Japanese. 
To ensure consistent delivery of…

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