Little Readers Programme

Established in Singapore in 1993. We are the pioneers in Phonics & Reading in Singapore under the flagship programme, 'The Reading Programme (Phonics and Speech)'. Most of the classes were run at RC Centres, Community Centres, PCFs & Childcare Centres. Little Readers grew to a staggering 150…

Hedjegrounds phonics and reading

Free 10 online Jolly Phonics classes for learning basic phonics. Please register at Eventbrite.
Phonics, Reading, Spelling, Writing and Comprehension English private class. For ages from 2 to 12 years old. Normal rate is $50 per hour depending on time and distance for travelling. Teacher is located…

Brainy Child Montessori

Alternatively, for those who are already enrolled in regular school but would like to excel further in their academic performance, we offer weekend Montessori (Phonics & Math) & Language Programmes.

Brainy Child Montessori is also well known for its exciting and engaging Holiday programmes.…

Mind Stretcher Learning Centre

Over the past 16 years, more than 5,000 Mind Stretcher students had scored at least 250 in the PSLE, and more than 500 students had qualifed for the GEP through our P1-P3 GEP Prep Lab classes.
As the subject experts for English, Mathematics, Science, Creative Writing, GEP & Chinese, we believe…

Lorna Whiston Schools

As a young teacher, Lorna taught in the UK before coming to Malaysia and Singapore to teach with the British Armed Forces. Later she taught at international schools in Singapore and became a School Principal in 1971. In 1980, Lorna Whiston opened the first Lorna Whiston centre with the aim of…

Jan & Elly English Language School

Jan & Elly English Language School specialises in teaching the English language through our phonics classes for preschool students from 4 to 6 years old, and writing classes for primary school students from 6 to 12 years old. We have a team of passionate and experienced teachers who are driven to…

Advanced Montessori International

Fun & Effective Ways of Learning Phonics, Mathematics, English and Character Building

Children learn best when they enjoy their learning. Our classes are therefore designed to make sure that our children have fun in their lessons.

The main features of our lessons include:

Megaphonics Enrichment Centre

Megaphonics is a MOE registered tuition centre established in 2005. We provide tuition for preschool and primary students in fundamental subjects, such as Phonics & Reading, English, Creative Writing, Maths & Science.

Over the years, we have built up a strong reputation as the place of choice…

Zoo-phonics Schools

Isn’t it wonderful to see your child excel? We think so, too! That’s exactly why we have Zoo-phonics Schools here.

For nearly nineteen years, Char and Gigi two award-winning veteran American teachers, have put their heart and soul into the program, developing, refining and advocating the…

My English School

Our certified native-level English-speaking teachers bring professionalism, creativity, and zest to the My English School model.

To ensure that your child is in the best hands, our teachers undergo a stringent selection process and only teachers of the highest calibre are accepted.

With the…

Kidz Literacy Cove

Our comprehensive programs help children build a strong foundation in English since young and consistently support them through their formal education in primary school. Our preschool programs are specially written and crafted to meet the needs of children in Singapore by Victoria Carlton, director…

What do kids study in a phonics class?

Phonics reading programme can help your child learn to read by explaining letter sounds. By breaking words down into individual sounds, children begin to read words with greater ease and confidence.

Phonics programs generally cover:
- Phonological awareness: Learning to identify and manipulate sounds in spoken language.
- Letter-sound relationships: Understanding the connection between letters and the sounds they make.
- Blending and segmenting: Skills needed to decode and sound out words (blending) and break words down into individual sounds (segmenting).
- Phonics rules: Learning the common patterns of sound-symbol relationships in English.
- Vocabulary building: Expanding children's word knowledge.
- Comprehension strategies: Developing an understanding of what is being read.
- Speech mechanics: Practicing intonation, pronunciation, and articulation to develop clear and natural-sounding speech.

How much do phonics and reading classes cost in Singapore?

The fees typically depend on the children age and location, as well as the experience and qualifications of the teacher. The average cost of English language phonics lessons in Singapore is $20-50 per hour with tutors and $50-80 with teachers. Some teachers may also charge extra for materials, such as books or worksheets.

What are 5 basic phonics skills?

1. Decoding the letters in order to read a word
2. Letter-sound comprehension
3. Phonemic awareness
4. Phonics knowledge
5. Fluency in reading.

When should a child learn phonics?

Your child should start learning phonics as early as possible, preferably in preschool. In a fun and engaging environment, young kids can be taught pre-reading skills starting from 2 years old with the help of songs, nursery rhymes, poems, phonic games and other activities. It could be a great foundation for their future communication skills and literacy journey.

Programmes for primary school students later focus on learning writing to achieve basic literacy.

What is systematic synthetic phonics?

Systematic synthetic phonics programme teach children the basics of reading by creating a link between letters and the phonemes they represent. This way students focus on the sound rather than spelling.

How to choose the right phonics class for my child?

Parents should consider these factors:
- Your child's age and current literacy level: Programs cater to different age groups and skill levels.
- Learning style: Some programs are more play-based, while others are more structured. Choose one that aligns with your child's learning preferences.
- Your goals: Do you want a program that focuses on basic phonics skills, reading fluency, or addressing specific learning needs?

Don't hesitate to contact program providers to discuss their curriculum and approach.

Before enrolling your child in a phonics program, a reading assessment can be an invaluable tool. This assessment, whether a literacy assessment, proficiency assessment, or simply a reading assessment, can pinpoint your child's current reading level and identify any areas that might require extra support. With this knowledge, you can choose a program that aligns with their specific needs and provides the right level of challenge to ensure a smooth progression.

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