Atelier Lodge Leathercraft Academy

Leathercraft Class: Cutting Pro October 26, 2019 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm “Cutting Pro” leathercrafting class is a course syllabus designed for beginners with no prior experience. As the name suggest, “Cutting Pro” course focus more on hand-cutting practices. You will begin with instructor’s brief…

Sew Into It

Date: 18.10.19 Time: 10:00AM - 1:00PM Price: $ 210 3-Session beginner toddler clothes course covering the sewing of blouse, skirt and dress. Date: 12.10.19 Time: 2:00PM - 5:00PM Price: $ 280 A 4-session sewing series which covers drafting of shirt pattern, attaching collar, yoke, flat-felled seam.…

Golden Dragon Store

If you been waiting to create your own craft project, let us help you to learn the skills. We design the craft lessons according to your unique needs, join now to achieve your dream project! We have been around since 1949 and have been providing quality handicraft supplies to Singapore and South…


Thank a lot to Astitchworks trainer, June who is very patient and helpful to assist me when I was left behind with all my school's sewing lessons by taking tutor class at Astitchworks. I understand as fashion designer student, I just learned how to use a template for sewing. Teaching given by… @ Clementi (by Ban Soon)

Description Babylock Victory (Automatic Serger) BLS3 Warranty: 2-Years Limited Warranty in Singapore Training: In-House One-to-One Training and FREE 30 Days Support Validity: Only Valid for Purchase in...

Hong Lin Sewing Machine Pte Ltd

Join our Mailing List! Be informed when we have Promotions and Events. Tailoring to Customers' Needs The One Stop Solution to All Your Sewing Needs With over 40 years of experience, Hong Lin Sewing Machine Pte Ltd is a pioneer and leading company in South East Asia's garment supplies industry. From…


No matter who you are, where you come from, Art has always been the best way to express your style, thoughts and relax your mind. We are a group of local beading and craft artists gathering together to share our experience with our students who have similar interest in exploring their creativity.…

BERNINA (Singapore) Retail Store

Rent our machines by the hour at BERNINA @ FUNAN's co-sewing area. Stay up to date with the latest events happening at BERNINA! Learn to create & sew projects at BERNINA's Concept & Retail stores. We engineer with heart and soul. You sew with passion and perfection. BERNINA guarantees quality, so…


This course is open for participants who wish to create their own freestyle pattern such as drafting and cutting type of collarless and sleeveless of dress, blouse, skirt and pants accordingly to elementary dressmaking syllabus course. The Intermediate courses are for students who have completed…

Textile and Fashion Industry Training Centre ( is the training arm of the Textile & Fashion Federation (Taff). It’s also the first Continuing Education and Training Centre (CET) for the textile and fashion industry in Singapore, with the vision of becoming a global fashion school without…

Sewing Classes Singapore

Schedule: Flexi hour, Sewing can be weekday or Saturday, day time or evening.
Location: Blk 156, Tampines Street 12, Singapore 521156 (About 5 minutes walk from Tampines MRT station exit C)
Course duration: $300 for 12 hours lessons (4 x 3 hours lessons) 
You will learn from taking measurement,…

The General Co

The General Co is a collective of new generation craftsmen and artisans offering luxury craft services to clients - including private individuals, brands or corporates. From personalised leather gifts, custom handmade goods to live craft experiences and workshops, our network of makers will realise…

Alisha Fashion & Dressmaking School

Hi, I started learning in Alisha Sewing School without any previous knowledge.. I was taught sewing systematically and now I’m confident of making any dress without hesitation.. my friends are full of praises and they envy my work ???? “Since teenage.I had a glowing passion for designing my own…

What is the benefit of attending sewing classes?

Sewing lessons teach the basics and techniques necessary to create unique fashion clothing pieces. These classes are available to both men and women and are suitable for beginners and experienced sewers. You don't need any prior knowledge, but you can benefit from the practical and hands-on training they provide.

In a sewing class, one would learn to sew different fabrics, how to use sewing machines, how to sew and hem garments, linings and buttonholes.

What skills do you learn by taking sewing lessons?

Learn sewing and drafting skills for the skirt, blouse, vest, jackets, pants, gown, handmade crafts, stitching, how to create crafts on paper, how to cut clothes, draping, and many other basics.

Learn dressmaking, crafting, tailoring, or alterations in already designed clothes by taking a sewing course. Everyone can take workshops at school and become professional in dressmaking and crafting on their laptop covers, tote bags, hands bag, phone covers, doll dresses, etc.

How much do sewing classes cost in Singapore?

The cost of sewing classes in Singapore vary based on location, size and reputation of a teaching center. Usually centers charge per course, in range of $200-$400 for 2-4 lessons private course, 2-3 hours per lesson. There might be extra charges for machine settings, fabrics, and an extra workshop. There are online classes available as well, but to take those you need to buy all necessary equipment by yourself.

Usually the teacher will provide you with free machines, needles, chalk, tracing paper, design ideas, threads, etc.

Who should attend sewing courses?

Sewing classes are for people of all ages and skill levels, from kids to adults. Classes typically include students who have never sewn with a sewing machine before, students who have sewn in the past but want to practice on their own time, and experienced seamstresses who want to learn new techniques or refine old ones.

What are the reasons people take a sewing class?

The reasons people take sewing classes in Singapore vary from person to person. Some people want to learn how to sew so they can make their own clothes, some people see it as a fun hobby, or want to start a business and open their own shop. And some people want to know how to sew their own clothing because it is cheaper than buying clothes.

How long does it take to learn sewing?

The amount of time it'll take for you to get good at sewing depends on your sewing experience, the complexity of the sewing project, and your commitment to learning. If you are a beginner just getting started, it may take a few weeks for you to gain some proficiency. If you have experience in the fashion field but have not used your sewing machine in a while, it may take shorter time to regain your skills.

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