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The Japanese Association, Singapore was established in 1915 and re-established in 1957, with a history of over 100 years. Prewar Japanese Association was a gathering place for Japanese who lived in Singapore and took care of member's welfare, their children's education as well as cemetery maintenance.

Besides serving its original role, postwar Japanese Association has been more actively in promoting exchange and interactions with the Singaporean community. Our new clubhouse is also designed to be culturally oriented to suit this purpose.

One of the objectives of the Japanese Association is to become an international cultural exchange ground of people to meet, chat and relax.

The new clubhouse officially opened by Deputy Prime Minister BG (NS) Lee Hsien Loong on 23rd May, 1998 is a building designed and constructed with modern outlook but incorporating rich Japanese cultural flavour for the interiors.

Complemented by its excellent location along Adam Road, This clubhouse has a built-in area of nearly 8,000 square meters (4 times bigger than the previous one). On a freehold land size of approximately 5,600 square meters, the clubhouse has been built to provide members with improved services in a cosier setting and a much more pleasant environment. It is a clubhouse that can instill a sense of belonging and pride for its members.

With the larger space available, we will be able to better organize our involvements in local charitable activities. More opportunities can also be created for cultural exchange and social interaction on a larger scale between our members and the different communities.

At present we have approximately 5,418 (Number of Household), total 15,561 Ordinary Members (Japanese nationals with voting rights) and 441 (Number of Household), total 991 Associate Members. Only Associate memberships are transferable. (1 Mar 2019)

We hereby cordially invite you to join us as an Associate Transferable Member!

120 Adam Road, Singapore 289899

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