Established in Singapore in 1993. We are the pioneers in Phonics & Reading in Singapore under the flagship programme, 'The Reading Programme (Phonics and Speech)'. Most of the classes were run at RC Centres, Community Centres, PCFs & Childcare Centres. Little Readers grew to a staggering 150 centres island wide, 101 teachers and more than 8000 students.

Childhood development is an important stage of life. Helping children develop and learn is our passion, and we offer Playgroup, Pre-Nursery & Nursery left and right brain development programmes. Suitable for ages 15 months to 4 years+; to enhance their skills and abilities. We will nurture their development in a calm, positive environment that reinforces their learning as they progress to our LITTLE READERS’ Phonics Reading & Literacy Programme.

Whether your child is progressing fast or needs help to catch up with their peers, we help 4 to 7 year olds develop phonics and reading skills in a fun, positive and interactive environment that reinforces their learning. Progressively, there's a choice of either our Creative Writing & Reading Comprehension Skills Programme or Primary One & Two English Tuition & Enrichment.

Our Teachers are very stringently selected. Teachers who speak well with relevant qualifications and experience will still undergo an in-house training by Principal Mary.​

Small Class Size of only 3-8 students. This gives our students more opportunity to progress at a comfortable pace. This gives the teachers the ability to provide some one-on-one time with the students as well.

What we have achieved from 1993 to 2002, we replicate the same spirit of giving the best we can. That equals to VALUE for your money.

Study online 71 Compassvale Bow, Singapore 544994

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