Studio Miu Art

  • Marina East

Studio Miu Art provides opportunities to express one’s feelings artistically through painting, drawing and creating. Painting allows you to open your eyes and heart, in order to talk to your inner self. People paint to express feelings or to look into the inside of the mind. There are various…

Artify Studio

  • Marina East

there's something for everyone hover over each box for sneak peeks click for full details Gift Voucher (Liberty Art Jam) Corporate Art Jamming Workshop Knife Painting Workshop (1 Day) Regular Price$70.00Sale Price$60.00 Floral Illustration & Faux Calligraphy on Acrylic Brush Calligraphy Workshop…

Art Grain

  • Marina East

“Through the Adult weekly painting class, I discovered a skill that I didn’t know I have and a great sense of fulfillment knowing that I get better and better as I paint. The weekly adult class allows me to explore different painting methods, use a different medium and paint things that are…

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