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A mute for your erhu. Perfect if you want to practise your instrument in the still of the night. 'Xiang Qian’—the combination of Rosewood carving and setting of materials such as seashells and bones is used to portray the windows in olden Chinese architecture.

Alapana Centre for Indian Music and Dance

alapana congratulates the Sangita Kalanidhi designate, Mrs S Sowmya, a disciple of Sangita Kalanidhi Dr S Ramanathan alapana 20th anniversary event on 29 Sep 2019 a big success ~ alapana admission open for Vijayadasami (8 Oct 2019).


"Everything in Parampara is at a superlative level" Gauri Shirvastava (Artist, Entrepreneur) "What a beautiful music and marvellous cultural feast! " Chuang Chung (Music Student) "Breathtaking performances one after another... Too good ... Divine experience..." Madhumita Saha (Singer) "Parampara…

The Music Clinic Pte Ltd

At The Music Clinic, not only do we believe that music eases the mind, learning music also helps to build character, such as improving one’s self-confidence through public stage performances. We conduct our courses based on the following key attributes: Each instructor is a professional in his or…

Silversnow Music School (Katong)

Roxy Square II Shopping Centre 50 East Coast Road, #02-90 (Opposite Parkway Parade) Bukit Timah Shopping Centre 170 Bukit Timah Road, #02-77 (3 min walk from Beauty World MRT) 4 Sims Drive, Singapore 387387 (3 min walk from Aljunied MRT) © 2019 Silversnow Music School. All rights reserved.

Musical Art Studio

CONGRATULATIONS to TAN SZE EN DARREN, who won Third Prize in the MALAYSIA PIANO COMPETITION 2019 !!! DARREN TAN has been studying Piano under Ms ELENA VALOVA CHEERS !!! MUSICAL ART STUDIO announces an audition for violin students (aged 7 to 14), who are capable and willing to prepare and sit for…

Stradivari Strings

Stradivari Strings, a Singapore based music school, is on a mission to provide music education to students, specializing in teaching violin, viola, cello, saxophone, flute, guitar, ukulele, piano. We have the best selection of music instruments, available at our shop. Call +65-98137769 or email at…

What is flute?

The flute is a musical instrument belonging to the woodwind family. It is typically made of metal, wood, or plastic and is characterized by its slender, cylindrical shape with finger holes and a mouthpiece at one end. The flute is played by blowing air across the edge of the mouthpiece while controlling the pitch through finger placements on the holes. It is used in a wide range of musical genres and settings, including classical, jazz, folk, and contemporary music.

Different types of flutes include the concert flute (standard flute), piccolo (a smaller and higher-pitched flute), alto flute (larger and lower in pitch than the concert flute), and bass flute (largest and lowest-pitched flute), among others. Each type of flute produces distinct tonal qualities, enabling versatility in musical expression.

Due to the country's multicultural landscape, in Singapore you can also find Indian and Chinese flutes. The Indian flute, often referred to as the Bansuri, and the Chinese flute, such as the Dizi or Xiao, are widely appreciated for their unique sound and cultural significance.

What do you learn in private flute lessons?

In private flute lessons for beginners, students focus on building a strong foundation in flute playing. They learn the basics of proper posture, hand positioning, and embouchure (the way the lips and facial muscles shape the mouthpiece). Basic note reading and fingerings are introduced, along with fundamental music theory concepts like rhythm and dynamics. Beginners start with simple melodies and exercises to develop their tone production and breath control. These lessons also emphasize ear training and listening skills, which help students play in tune and develop a musical ear.

At the intermediate level, students delve deeper into their flute studies. They expand their repertoire to include more complex pieces that incorporate various musical styles and techniques. Students refine their tone quality, working on achieving a rich, expressive sound. They continue to develop their technique by mastering more challenging fingerings, scales, and arpeggios. In addition to honing their reading skills, intermediate students begin to explore music interpretation, understanding how dynamics, phrasing, and articulation contribute to the overall musicality of a piece. Private lessons at this stage often involve more detailed guidance on addressing specific technical issues and refining playing mechanics.

Private flute lessons at the advanced level are tailored to the individual goals and aspirations of the student. Students at this stage have a solid technical foundation and can tackle highly demanding repertoire. Lessons focus on achieving a refined and nuanced interpretation of music, with an emphasis on conveying emotion and artistic expression. Advanced students continue to work on expanding their technical capabilities, often mastering extended techniques such as multiphonics, flutter tonguing, and harmonics. They refine their control over tone colour, articulation, and vibrato. Advanced lessons may also involve preparation for performances, auditions, and competitions, as well as guidance on career development and pedagogy for those interested in teaching the flute themselves.

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