The Music Lab

ABOUT OUR SCHOOL A premium music school in Singapore, The Music Lab houses top professional talent and instructors. Being the most complete educational academy, we offer creative music courses in band performance studies, music theory, music production, jazz improvisation, strum & sing as well as…

Singapore Guitar Lessons

If you are looking for these abilities, you have come to the right place! Come Discover Your Creative Edge in Guitar! Are you a beginner who wants to learn the basics and start playing pieces of music and your favourite songs? Are you an experienced player who wants to expand their horizons? Do you…

Focus Music Pte Ltd

Founded in 2002, Focus Music endeavors to make a difference in the music and entertainment industry & bringing it to the next level. Incorporating Pop music schools, we embrace continuous innovation and excellence. Everyone has the potential to be great singers. With this believe, Focus Music was…

Private Guitar Class

Manit's Mom Mrs Singh "We were having a tough time finding a teacher who did not go by the book but at the same time taught the subject and Rupak did fit this bill very well. He balances his class with encouragement, indulgence as well as discipline. We are happy that our son is loving and enjoying…

Play By Ear Music School

Since its inception in Singapore in 2003, Play by Ear has been teaching music improvisation in a fun and rewarding way. Offering Pop Piano, Jazz Piano & Pop Vocal lessons, PBE Singapore is the appointed HQ for P.B.E.S™ (Study of Contemporary Music Improvisation & Aural Techniques), a global…

Piano Lessons Singapore

Looking for a piano Teacher? Satisfaction Guarantee All our piano teachers are certified and experienced. You can request for their certificates on your first piano lesson with them. However, if you find the assigned piano teacher is not suitable, do contact us for a replacement teacher. Piano…

Replugged Music

A few weeks ago, an ex-student wrote to us asking if we can play the theme song 雪落下的聲音 (translates to ‘The Sound of Snow Falling’) from the Chinese TV drama 延禧攻略 ‘The Story of Yanxi Palace’. We have not heard it before, but we checked it out anyway. And we’re glad we did. The appeal of the song…

Guitarworks - Guitar Lessons Singapore

Specialized in Private Guitar Lessons in Singapore. We offer Contemporary/Mandarin Pop, Rock, Country, Worship and Fingerstyle Guitar with Instruction from Beginner, Intermediate to Advanced Levels. Individual and Group Lessons both available. Est 2010.

Thunder Rock School

Discover, nurture and unleash the musician in you with music lessons at Singapore's premier boutique music school. Thunder Rock School tailors lessons to your musical needs. Call us today! © 2018 by Thunder Rock School Pte Ltd. // +65 6456 8722 // 227A Upper Thomson Road,…

Alternate Tone

Having not touched a piano in decades, I really wanted to reconnect but was apprehensive. Putri from Alternate Tone really helped re-inspire me. I feel like I’ve come a long way in just a few short weeks thanks to her tutelage. She’s a great teacher! Gail Brennan Marketing Manager One Year From…

Believer Music (International Plaza)

Re-energize and meet new friends! We've made learning music in Singapore fun and affordable. Our branches are located in the West, Central, and East. (Commonwealth, Tanjong Pagar CBD, and Tampines) Explore our Keyboard, Drums, and Vocal Singing lessons. Join our Electric Guitar, Cajon, Ukulele or…

Hark Music Prinsep

The EXPRESSWAY™ System You can maximise your potential in the shortest time possible. It is because we have simplified the complexities for you! Desmond Tan 陈泂江 on the EXPRESSWAY™ Desmond started his learning journey at Hark Music since 2014. In just 2 months after he had lessons with us, he said,…

Vinnie Classroom

Vinnie Classroom Recital We believe that playing music with others results in stronger proficiency and complements conventional music education. Experiencing live performance also helps students grow in confidence as individuals. Our calendar highlight is the Vinnie Classroom Recital. Since 2015,…

Hark Music Kallang

The EXPRESSWAY™ System You can maximise your potential in the shortest time possible. It is because we have simplified the complexities for you! Desmond Tan 陈泂江 on the EXPRESSWAY™ Desmond started his learning journey at Hark Music since 2014. In just 2 months after he had lessons with us, he said,…

Believer Music (Commonwealth)

Show this code at the store: EVCMD80 Mother's Day Promotion - It's time to treat the Queen of the Home for all that she has done for the family. Programs Available - Guitar | Keyboard | Ukulele | Voice Show this code at the store:

Guitar Lessons Singapore

Guitar Lessons Singapore is a successful go-to agency that is well connected to the best guitar and ukulele teachers in Singapore. We have been helping interested guitar students find certified and qualified guitar teachers since October 2007. We are part of the Absolutely In-Tuned! music agency.

Kingdom Music

We would like to offer a free lesson demo to all potential students new to Kingdom Music. Please come by to visit us at Kingdom Music with a song that you would like to play or improve. Let us share with you the joy of praising and worshipping God with music. Register your interest here and we will…

Groove Music School

Very dedicated and experienced teachers plant love for learning various musical instruments: Drums/percussions, Piano/Keyboard, Bass, Electric, Acoustic Guitar, Ukulele, Vocal, and songwriting.
Beyond sharing the love for music, Groove Music School believes that learning a musical instrument offers…

Music Lessons in Singapore - Studio72

Studio72 is a professional music school in Singapore that provides quality music courses for adults and children. Learn vocals, drum and guitar through our well-crafted lessons by veterans and experienced mentors. Our music classes are flexible and tailored to suit beginner and advanced students.

What are the benefits of learning guitar?

Learning guitar can have many positive effects on your physical, mental, and emotional well-being:
- It can improve your memory, concentration, and coordination by stimulating different parts of your brain.
- It can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression by releasing endorphins and providing a creative outlet for self-expression.
- It can boost your confidence, self-esteem, and social skills by giving you a sense of achievement and a way to connect with others who share your passion.
- It can enhance your musical appreciation, creativity, and versatility by exposing you to different genres, styles, and techniques of guitar playing.

How to choose the right guitar for me?

Choosing the right guitar for you depends on several factors, such as your budget, playing style, musical preferences, and physical comfort.

1. Decide whether you want an acoustic or electric guitar or both. Acoustic guitars are generally cheaper, easier to maintain, and more suitable for beginners and fingerstyle players. Electric guitars are more versatile, louder, and more suitable for rock, metal, and lead players.
2. Research different brands, models, and features of guitars and read reviews from other users. You can also use online tools like Guitar Finder to narrow down your options based on your criteria.
3. Visit a local music store and try out different guitars in person. Pay attention to the sound, feel, and look of the guitar and see if it matches your expectations and needs.
4. Ask for advice from experienced guitarists, teachers, or store staff and listen to their recommendations.

What are the different ways to learn guitar?

Depending on your availability, budget, and learning style, you can try:
- Taking lessons with a teacher or at school. This is a traditional and effective way to learn guitar, as you can get personalized guidance, feedback, and motivation from a professional instructor. However, this can also be expensive, time-consuming, and dependent on the quality and availability of the teacher or school.
- Taking online courses or using apps. This is a modern and convenient way to learn guitar, as you can access a variety of lessons, exercises, and songs at your own pace and place. However, this can also be impersonal, inconsistent, and lacking in interaction and feedback.
- Watching YouTube videos or reading blogs. This is a free and easy way to learn guitar, as you can find a lot of information, tips, and tutorials on the internet. However, this can also be overwhelming, confusing, and unreliable, as the quality and accuracy of the content may vary.
- Learning from books or magazines. This is a classic and affordable way to learn guitar, as you can follow a structured curriculum, learn music theory, and practice with exercises and songs. However, this can also be boring, outdated, and limited, as you may not hear or see how the guitar should sound or look like.
- Learning from friends or family. This is a fun and social way to learn guitar, as you can share your passion, experience, and knowledge with someone you know and trust. However, this can also be informal, irregular, and biased, as your friend or family member may not be a qualified or objective teacher.

How to improve guitar skills?

Improving guitar skills requires consistent practice, patience, and perseverance. Some of the tips to improve guitar skills are:
- Set realistic and specific goals for yourself and track your progress.
- Practice regularly and vary your routine to avoid boredom and plateaus.
- Learn from different sources, such as books, videos, apps, online courses, or guitar teachers.
- Play along with your favourite songs, backing tracks, or metronome to develop your timing, rhythm, and ear.
- Challenge yourself with new songs, exercises, or techniques that are slightly above your current level.
- Seek feedback from other guitarists, friends, or family and learn from your mistakes.

What is the cost of guitar lessons in Singapore?

The cost of guitar lessons in Singapore varies depending on the type, level, duration, and location of the lessons. The average cost for guitar lessons in Singapore is:
- S$30 to S$60 per lesson for group classes (2 to 5 students)
- $40 to $70 per lesson for individual classes

The cost of guitar lessons may also depend on the qualifications, experience, and reputation of the teacher or school, as well as the demand and supply of the market. Some teachers or schools may offer discounts, packages, or trial lessons to attract or retain students.

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