Faith Music Centre

A member of the The Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise, raiSE, Faith Music Centre was set up in mid-2008 to provide keyboard, piano, guitar (acoustic/ lead/ bass), vocal, drum and ukulele courses. Our learners include children, adults and senior citizens. In addition to the able-bodied, our…

Symphony Music School

Examinations: Awards: A well-established school, Symphony Music School has a long history in music education. We provide a favorable environment for learning music, conduct examinations (ABRSM, LCM and Rockschool) and hold concerts for our students, from children to adults. Popular courses include…

Believer Music (International Plaza)

Re-energize and meet new friends! We've made learning music in Singapore fun and affordable. Our branches are located in the West, Central, and East. (Commonwealth, Tanjong Pagar CBD, and Tampines) Explore our Keyboard, Drums, and Vocal Singing lessons. Join our Electric Guitar, Cajon, Ukulele or…

The Music Lab

ABOUT OUR SCHOOL A premium music school in Singapore, The Music Lab houses top professional talent and instructors. Being the most complete educational academy, we offer creative music courses in band performance studies, music theory, music production, jazz improvisation, strum & sing as well as…


Have you joined the Ukulele Movement yet? Shop, learn & play ukulele at Singapore's leading ukulele store: Ukulele Movement. Ukulele lessons, ukulele workshops, ukulele books & AV, ukulele accessories, and of course Singapore's widest range of ukuleles!

Believer Music (Commonwealth)

Show this code at the store: EVCMD80 Mother's Day Promotion - It's time to treat the Queen of the Home for all that she has done for the family. Programs Available - Guitar | Keyboard | Ukulele | Voice Show this code at the store:

We music studio

A professional arts education team. Our lecturer has held many solo exhibitions. His works have been collected by the National Museum of Singapore. His works have been commissioned by the Singapore Government as gifts to local politicians. Our students have succeed in becoming successful gallery…

Asia Music School

新加坡去哪嗨手慢无!新加坡最文艺的音乐会,开!票!啦~ Asia Music School was featured on the up-and-coming Singapore News media on WeChat 新加坡去哪嗨. Read More Our 10th Anniversary ConcertCome celebrate with us at our 10th anniversary concert on 11 Nov 2018. Expect nothing but a spectacular afternoon of music and dance…

Replugged Music

A few weeks ago, an ex-student wrote to us asking if we can play the theme song 雪落下的聲音 (translates to ‘The Sound of Snow Falling’) from the Chinese TV drama 延禧攻略 ‘The Story of Yanxi Palace’. We have not heard it before, but we checked it out anyway. And we’re glad we did. The appeal of the song…

Believer Music (Tampines)

Learning music can be impactful and rewarding for one and all. We have classes for kids aged 7 to 12, accelerated courses for 13 to 49, and even Gold classes for Silver ages 50 years and beyond. We’ve made the lessons altogether achievable, fun, affordable, and most importantly, social.…

Cristofori Music School

High Performance combined with style, AU-30 offers a refined look in an elegant design . Expressive control, superb sound and the most natural touch. Suzuki – World’s leading brand in music education. Exam Model with international concert pitch A49: 440c.p.s Performed Better, 1/2 the price of other…

Guitarworks - Guitar Lessons Singapore

Specialized in Private Guitar Lessons in Singapore. We offer Contemporary/Mandarin Pop, Rock, Country, Worship and Fingerstyle Guitar with Instruction from Beginner, Intermediate to Advanced Levels. Individual and Group Lessons both available. Est 2010.

Vinnie Classroom

Vinnie Classroom Recital We believe that playing music with others results in stronger proficiency and complements conventional music education. Experiencing live performance also helps students grow in confidence as individuals. Our calendar highlight is the Vinnie Classroom Recital. Since 2015,…

Groove Music School

Groove Music School conducts music lessons in a thoughtfully designed and creative environment that helps students give full swing to self-expression, creativity, and passion for music.
Very dedicated and experienced teachers plant love for learning various musical instruments: Drums/percussions,…

Music Lessons in Singapore - Studio72

Studio72 is a professional music school in Singapore that provides quality music courses for adults and children. Learn vocals, drum and guitar through our well-crafted lessons by veterans and experienced mentors. Our music classes are flexible and tailored to suit beginner and advanced students.

Stradivari Strings

Stradivari Strings, a Singapore based music school, is on a mission to provide music education to students, specializing in teaching violin, viola, cello, saxophone, flute, guitar, ukulele, piano. We have the best selection of music instruments, available at our shop. Call +65-98137769 or email at…

Cristofori Music School

Founded in 1924 by Mr. Franz Sandner from the village of Schoenbach, Germany, Franz. Sandner pianos have established a reputation for making outstanding pianos in the German town of Neuhiem. With patiently acquired skills over years of relentless hard work and pursuit of perfection, the Franz…

Asia Music School (Yishun)

新加坡去哪嗨手慢无!新加坡最文艺的音乐会,开!票!啦~ Asia Music School was featured on the up-and-coming Singapore News media on WeChat 新加坡去哪嗨. Read More Our 10th Anniversary ConcertCome celebrate with us at our 10th anniversary concert on 11 Nov 2018. Expect nothing but a spectacular afternoon of music and dance…

Aureus Academy at Forum the Shopping Mall

What You Need To Know About Violin Lessons? – By Ern Ee Leong Out of curiosity, I sometime would ask my students “What does music means to you?” The replies were a collection of eclectic responses from all ages, such as, “Practicing violin feels therapeutic”, “Playing music made me happy”, “Music…

Alternate Tone

Having not touched a piano in decades, I really wanted to reconnect but was apprehensive. Putri from Alternate Tone really helped re-inspire me. I feel like I’ve come a long way in just a few short weeks thanks to her tutelage. She’s a great teacher! Gail Brennan Marketing Manager One Year From…

Why choose ukulele?

The ukulele is a fun and easy instrument to learn, especially for beginners. It is also very portable and affordable, making it a great choice for anyone who wants to play music anywhere. Singapore has a vibrant ukulele community, with many events, workshops, and clubs for ukulele enthusiasts. You can also find many ukulele teachers and schools in Singapore that offer lessons for different levels and styles

How can I choose the right ukulele for me?

There are four main types of ukuleles: soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone. The soprano is the smallest and most common type, with a bright and cheerful sound. The concert is slightly larger and louder, with a fuller tone. The tenor is even bigger and louder, with a deeper and richer sound. The baritone is the largest and lowest-pitched type, with a sound similar to a classical guitar. The best way to choose the right ukulele for you is to try them out at a music store or a ukulele club, and see which one feels and sounds the best for you.

How can I learn to play ukulele in Singapore?

There are many ways to learn to play ukulele in Singapore, depending on your preference, budget, and availability. You can take online courses or watch videos on YouTube, which are convenient and free, but may lack feedback and guidance. You can also take private lessons or join group classes, which are more interactive and personalized, but may cost more and require scheduling. You can also join a ukulele club or attend a ukulele event, which are fun and social, but may vary in quality and frequency.

How can I improve my ukulele skills?

- Practice at least 15 minutes a day, and focus on one aspect of your playing at a time, such as strumming, chords, or fingerpicking.
- Learn new songs that challenge your level. You can find plenty of tabs, chords, and tutorials online.
- Play with other ukulele players, either online or offline, and join a ukulele club or jam session.
- Take feedback from your teacher, friends, or online community, and use it to improve your strengths and weaknesses.
- Regularly check the tuning of your ukulele. The standard tuning for ukulele is G-C-E-A, from the fourth to the first string. If it's out of tune, use a tuner, a piano, a guitar, or an app.

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