I'm a professional Yoga Teacher and a Therapist based in Singapore. I'm certified by the prestigious Yoga Alliance and also holds Diplomas in Traditional Pranayama, Yoga Therapy, Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Yoga.

Guided by the desire to create awareness towards a healthy lifestyle I decided to help people overcome their physical ailments, mental and emotional challenges by embracing Yoga religiously. I believe to run a Yoga School where people can learn yoga in a traditional and correct way, the way it should be learnt.

In Yoga ,Yoga postures and Breathing works together. Right posture and right breathing can show the wonders in one’s life.If there is no breath, there is no life. If we breathe right, We live healthier and longer .

When there is disturbance in your Prana and synchronise with body (Right breathing/Life force energy), Toxins starts accumulating in our body , Body start becoming lazy and damaged. Every problem in our body starts from internally but we feel it or we come to know only when it starts giving the physical pain and disease.



To buy a course please contact the teacher by pressing the green button "See contact information" below.

Beginner's Online Class (1 Month)S$128

This class is for those people who understands yoga terminology and basic yoga exercise and ready to perform some basic yoga postures with the coordination of breath and breathing technique for overall health.

Course duration: 12 hours
Course price: S$128

Beginner's Online Class (3 Months)S$338

Course duration: 36 hours
Course price: S$338

Beginner's Online Class (6 Months)S$638

Course duration: 72 hours
Course price: S$638

Beginner's Online Class (12 Months)S$1200

Course duration: 144 hours
Course price: S$1200

Unlimited Online Classes (1 Month)S$250

Foundation class in Yoga; Yoga for Everyone - A Beginner's Guide; Yoga asanas, Pranayama and Meditation; Body Conditioning Yoga - Strength and Stability

Course duration: 60 hours
Course price: S$250

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